Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction  And Management Act

Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Act

                 Isabela Governor Faustino G. Dy III, in his Executive Order, declared the month of  July as a month of Disaster Awareness and allow its constituents to participate during the “Todas Dengue, Todo Na ‘To,” campaign and bloodletting activity in the province.

                      The governor urged all Isabelinos and all private and public offices in the province to join and participate during the one-day activity here against dengue.

                       In connection to this, the Isabela State University San Mateo Campus joined the dengue awareness program of the Province of Isabela.


                     The clean-up drive campaign in the province is a policy of the state to uphold the people’s rights to life, property, health and strengthen institutional capacity to reduce and manage disaster risk, combat diseases and build the resilience of the community.

                       The provincial government is committed to implement the policies of public health promotion and disaster preparedness through a holistic and proactive approach that involves the participation of all sectors in the local community as stakeholders.

                      The rise in dengue fever cases necessitates public support to sustain the supply of blood reserves in government hospitals to meet the needs of critical dengue patients who undergo immediate blood transfusion.

                      The integration of the anti-dengue campaign, and disaster preparedness activities in Isabela in one day for a more cohesive effort to sustain public awareness about diseases and disasters, prepare families, homes, and communities for natural and man-made disasters, promote volunteerism, and muster a more significant support from the private and public sectors, while ensuring a more judicious use of resources in the conduct of life-saving activities in the province.