Pat-Nok Go Negosyo kicks off to commercialize duck and chicken

Pat-Nok Go Negosyo kicks off to commercialize duck and chicken

To secure food security thru poultry production

In lieu with the aim of San Mateo as the Agro-Ecological Destination in Cagayan Valley, the municipal agriculturist enjoined with Isabela State University-San Mateo Campus initiates Pat-Nok(Pato-Manok) Go Negosyo, a project with the goal to establish a sustainable poultry enterprise management in the municipality, launched August 8, 2018.


Mr. Emiliano P. Camba, the municipal agriculturist sees the potential of the municipality for poultry production and as an enterprise. Local farmers and poultry managers produce poultry for personal consumption only, thus the project in collaboration with the university, steps on another level as it ventures on the enterprise of broiler and ducks.


With the right length of production, proper cost of production and poultry treatment, the project is confident to help farmers be aware of its potential for commercialization. Moreover, this also helps the assurance of food security since poultry is one of the most consumed foods on every household. Demand for duck and native chicken in the country is high and this project aims to secure and open immediate market network.


Pat-Nok Negosyo is specifically designed to equip and educate the co-operators with appropriate knowledge and skills including a techno-demonstration to showcase technological options on poultry enterprise management. Furthermore, this new product and innovation from the Muscovy duck and native chicken production will yield to a competitive advantage on farmers’ network to market.


With this initiative, raisers of poultry are to be aware of proper management practices on breeding, brooding, waste and health management parasites and diseases prevention and control. The right education of raisers must lead the project to a small duck and native chicken enterprise for raisers. The project also emphasizes the need for the raisers to be aware on keeping farm records and accounts in order for the project to be possible.


This project also involves the farmers in selecting, testing and evaluating options for their duck and native chicken production. This offers different approaches to help the raisers be skilled in poultry raising and eventually be entrepreneurs. This also encourages the farmers when possible, to recreate and adopt the project to cut-off the gap and increase production for the market.


As it caters a feasible livelihood for the communities, it also helps the municipality to increase productivity of the farmers, raisers and build profitable enterprises. This project together with the Isabela State University and out of school youth serves as the pilot batch for the Farmer Poultry Enterprise Management. Training education is facilitated through a learning package on Development of Personal Entrepreneurial Competency and Extension Modalities for Muscovy duck and Native Chicken Production.


Techno-Demo Farm on duck and native chicken is established on the Agricultural Learning Site of San Mateo, Isabela. This also serves as a showroom of technological options available and the laboratory facility of the training. This leads the project to commercialize the poultry through meat processing to create additional available market for Muscovy Ducks and Native Chicken.