Three-Day Seminar Cum Team Building

Three-Day Seminar Cum Team Building

ISU-SanMateo Faculty and Staff prepares for new academic year

Accompanying the DepEd in preparing Filipinos to be globally competent individuals through quality education, ISU San Mateo initiated a Three-Day Seminar Cum Teambuilding last July 5-7, 2018 with the theme “21 Century Practices: Aligning Outcomes, Instruction and Assessment cum Team Building” at Santa Ana, Cagayan.

Having students under different curriculum requires extra efforts and abilities, this steers ISU San Mateo to conduct the said activity to prepare for the academic year 2018-2019, where the first batch of K to 12 graduates will take their way towards professionalism.

Dr. Rosalie C. Leal, the Campus Administrator of ISU San Mateo underscored the importance of preparation and readiness. The academe increased expectations from SUC instructors and professors due to the responsibility of imparting higher education among K to 12 graduates.

Ms. Orpha S. Saguibo, the Campus ARA informed the faculty of some techniques and strategies in teaching that is applicable to K-12 graduates. She also emphasized the need to elevate instruction skills and assessment methods. Prepared quality syllabus, instructional materials and assessment tools will lead to the best instruction that will produce holistic professional.

Moreover, a simultaneous seminar aligning the program outcomes led by each program chairs for the following programs BSE, BSIT, BTVTED and DAT-BAT was conducted. Attainable yet competitive goals will be the basis of the instruction to cater the needs of the K to 12 graduates.

This won’t be possible without the camaraderie and unity of the faculty and staffs, thus team building activities were administered to strengthen the bond between employees. To work together in one accord with common goal provides a triumph even in the oppressive situation.

This assures the enrolees  excellent performance among each of the faculty and staff for the coming academic year.